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Adopt A Grandparent Program

Can you imagine the loneliness brought on by having NO ONE Visiting you for a whole year?

Grandparents living in isolation in senior resident homes have had just that, No Visitors, for about a year now. They have not been able to even be with their families and loved ones. 

Are you willing to adopt a grandparent and bring some joy in their lives?

Zoomalata is teaming up with local senior resident living facilities to get a balloon buddy to every one of their residents. 


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Please note – This is a special volume delivery price for the Adopt a Grandparent program. Balloon Buddies may be purchased separately to be delivered to a different facility than the partnering facility. The cost is $24 plus $10 delivery in the Fox Cities

How Does This Work?

Step 1 – A community member adopts a grandparent by purchasing  one or more balloon buddies. 

Cost is $15 for each balloon buddy. (This is a special volume rate)

Step 2 – Once there are enough balloon buddies adopted for all the residents in the partnering facility, we will build and deliver all the balloon buddies to bring joy and happiness in their lives.


Library Shows for Wisconsin

Yes, We Offer Virtual Shows

Hi There, I am The Amazing Zoomalata, magician and balloon twister out of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Yes, we offer virtual comedy shows through Zoom.

You came to this web site because you have an event coming up and you want to add something fun for your guests.

We offer virtual shows or no contact – Social Distancing Shows. 

For More Information Message us using the Messenger link above. 


What Kind of Shows Do You Perform?

The Amazing Zoomalata performs magic and balloon shows for the whole family. Each show is taylored to the event he is performing at. This makes every show fun and unique. Not one magic show is a like.

The Amazing Zoomalata uses only clean, fun humor that does not put people down. His magic shows are designed to build people up, encourage them and make their day a special one.


His magic shows fit well for fundraising events, corporate or company picnics, family picnics, holiday dinners, birthday parties, schools, libraries and churches.

How can we help you make your event extra special?

Library Summer Reading Programs

During summer time The Amazing Zoomalata provides entertainment for picnics, birthday parties, fundraising events but he also performs magic and balloon shows for Wisconsin libraries.

Children and families are encouraged to read while watching a fun comedy show with The Amazing Zoomalata and Sherman the Magic Bunny.

Photos taken from an actual library show.

Who is The Amazing Zoomalata?

The Amazing Zoomalata is a professional family entertainer out of Appleton, Wisconsin serving the Fox Cities, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and Northeast Wisconsin Areas.

Through the arts of magic, comedy, acting, puppetry and balloon twisting, The Amazing Zoomalata has helped event planners deliver successful events. 

The Amazing Zoomalata has performed throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Since the 1980’s people have been entertained at birthday parties, picnics, church functions, fundraisers and educational shows for schools and libraries.