Which of the 3 Birthday Packages Fits Your Needs the Best?

All the 2 hour party packages are strategically designed for maximum fun for children and less work for mom! Each step is purposely planned out. The Amazing Zoomalata is the M.C. for your event and will make your child feel so special on their birthday.

All the birthday party packages will include Sherman the Magic Bunny. Sherman is a puppet friend of The Amazing Zoomalata and he loves to show of his own brand of tricks.

Also, each of the birthday packages contain a fun 40 minute show that is for the whole family and builds up people not put them down. This is a family friendly show.

Finally, all packages include: personalized video invitation, printable magic wand invitations, party games that include music, balloon twisting experiences, The Amazing Zoomalata leading the birthday song and wrap it all up with a fun birthday party celebration video that you receive a day or two after the birthday party.

Definitions are listed a the bottom of this page along with some very cool and fun activities or items you can add on to the birthday party package.

Magic Party Package
Children 7-12

Lasts 2 Hours

The Amazing Zoomalata performs a silly magic show that will amaze and tickle your birthday child and guests.

Included are games, balloon twisting experiences and Sherman the Magic Bunny.

Balloon Party Package
For Children 7-14

Lasts 2 Hours

The Amazing Zoomalata puts on a fun comedy show using balloons. There is tons of audience participation and fun music.

Included are games, balloon twisting experiences and Sherman the Magic Bunny.

4-6 Party Package
For Children 4-6

Lasts 2 Hours

This package is for the wee ones. There is more of Sherman the Magic Bunny, whom the the children adore.

The games are geared for a more younger group of kids.


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Services with a star (*) Are included in above packages:

Comedy Balloon Show

Comes with the Balloon Party Package.
A colorful fun show using balloons by The Amazing Zoomalata. Fun for the whole family. You will want to take lots of photos.

* Magician Leads Birthday Song
When it is time to bring out the birthday cake, The Amazing Zoomalata will lead everyone in the birthday song. This means you don’t have to stress and worry about singing in front of a group of people. Remember this is a stress-free birthday party. All you need to do is enjoy the celebration.
* Sherman the Magic Bunny
Sherman provides comedy mayhem throughout the show as he plays his own brand of tricks on the magician.

Kids love love Sherman the Magic Bunny for his silliness and playful mischief. Once they meet Sherman they keep asking for him to come out and visit.
You will definitely get great shots of the kids laughing to show off on Facebook and Instagram.

* Personalized Video Invite
A fun short video that invites your guests to your loved ones birthay celebration. The video is personized with the birthday stars name, time and location of the party.

Perfect for sharing via Messenger and Facebook.

* Music and Dance Games
3 balloon dance experiences will keep the party fresh and alive while focusing the attention on the birthday star.

The music provides structure and a musical backdrop for your event. This means that you look great to your family and friends because of how professional, creative and fun the party is.

Face Painter
A face painter will add colorful excitement to your event. Each child and adult will receive their own fun design by a professional face painter.
Magic Lesson
Your birthday girl or boy will learn a fun magic trick that they can share with their family and friends.
Magic You Can Do Booklet
It is great to give with the balloon candy cups or add to your a gift bag. It is a fun magic booklet that teaches 5 cool magic tricks. Your guests will remember the birthday party for days as they learn these cool tricks.
Comedy Magic Show

Comes with the Magic Party Package.
An exciting magic show by The Amazing Zoomalata. Fun for the whole family. There is something for every age group. Have your camera ready as you will get some great shots of your guests having fun.

* Party Games
Fun party games that includes every child in the party. No one is left out as they celebrate the birthday of your child.
Video Celebration
A fun video 2 minutes or less that celebrates your successful birthday celebration. This is a great keepsake that will bring continue to bring you joy through the years. You will want to share it with your friends and familys on Facebook.
* Balloon Twisting Experiences
While balloon lines can be fun when you receive your balloon there is a lot of waiting. Sometimes up to an hour wait. So we DO NOT do line twisting.

Introducing Balloon Twisting Experiences 2-3 fun balloon twisting activities that is inclusive of all party members.

This means that your guests will not be standing around being bored while they wait for a balloon.

* Printable Invitations
An invitation that rolls up into a fun magic wand. Print it out yourself or let us do the work for you.
Balloon "Candy" Cups
Fun gifts to give to your guests that will create a “wow” with them.  Fun treats (candy or healthy, your choice) to eat and a colorful balloon creation attached to it. Treats are self contained so they will not leave a mess on the party floor.
Balloon Decorations
No need to spend your time getting decorations. We will bring a fun, colorful arch and table top balloon decorations to add excitement and buzz from your guests.
Party Photographer
Take it easy and let a photographer take pictures during your party.