Watch the video first and then read expanded thoughts below it

See some of the activities I have recently performed to break through my comfort zone. 

Going past my comfort zone

So in the video I showed some photos of ways I’ve been breaking through my comfort zone. One way is through green smoothies. They look disgusting but actually taste great. These are packed with vitamins and only the sugar that is the whole fruit I put in. Along with this I am exercising and stretching. My goal is to lose 50 lbs.

Drawing on Balloons

Also, I’ve worked on learning how to draw cartoon faces on balloons. It is time consuming and doesn’t always work for twisting at events but will help me out in another area, deliverables.


Deliverables are fun balloon creations like the Paw Patrol creation  in the video, but, it can also be balloon flower bouquests, and simple balloon bouquet. People will be able to order these for that special person in their life to celebrate them. We will be delivering to the Fox Cities in Northeast Wisconsin to start. To order from us go to

2 Hour Stress Free Birthday Party

It wasn’t mentioned in the video but moving our birthday service from a basic magic show to a full 2 hour stress free event that includes magic, comedy, games, balloons, and music, has been probably the biggest pushing out of my comfort zone. If you want to learn more go to this page on our web site

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