Look What Came In The Mail A Cool Package- Win a Prize from What is inside

Look What Came In The Mail A Cool Package- Win a Prize from What is inside

April 25, 2019. We received a cool package this week. What could be inside it? Watch the video to find out. It’s really cute and kids will love it. After the video look below to see how to when a prize that will be made with some of the balloons in this package.


Win a Prize in the Fox Cities

This contest is for delivery in the Fox Cities of Northeast Wisconsin Only! Win a cool Paw Patrol Balloon Arrangement made and delivered by Zoomalata Magic and Balloon of Appleton, Wisconsin.

The Contest is now live. Go to this address to enter: https://zoomalata.com/giveaways/paw-patrol-balloon-deliverable/?lucky=23

Be sure to find out more information by following our balloon Facebook Page: Facebook.com/AppletonBalloons or on Instagram Instagram.com/Zoomalata

Need balloons for your event. AppletonBalloons.com will take you to that part of our web site.

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Make Your Birthday Party Easy Like Magic

Make Your Birthday Party Easy Like Magic

Part 1

Birthday party member tries making a balloon butterfly at a Balloon Twisting Workshop.

Now, we all know that the main goal is to have your child and their friends have an awesome time celebrating such a great event such as a birthday, but, why shouldn’t you have it easy so you can have the fun too?Mom, can I have a birthday party?” When you hear that question how does it make you feel? Does it make you cringe? Does your stomach get all tied up in knots? Does the idea of a room full of kids running around scare you?

Have no fear. There are ways to create a fun birthday party and do it easily. In the next few blog posts I am going to share with you some tips that you can use to create a fun yet easy birthday party.

Have the Birthday Party Somewhere Other Than Your Home

That’s right. No need to worrying about cleaning up your home. No need to be concerned about space or about valuables breaking. Taking the party to a different location will make your life easier.

Here are a few venue options in Appleton Wisconsin that you may want to consider:

Pizza King

800 E Wisconsin Ave, Appleton, WI (920) 731-6577

Funset Boulevard

3916 W College Ave, Appleton, WI (920) 993-0909

Super Bowl

2222 East Northland Ave, Appleton, WI (920) 739-9503

McDonald’s Playplace

700 W Northland Ave, Appleton, WI (920) 734-4500

Building For Kids

100 W. College Ave, Appleton, WI (920) 734-3226

Timber Rattlers Stadium

2400 N. Casaloma Drive, Appleton, WI (920) 733-4152

Monkey Joes

1800 North Casaloma Drive, Appleton, WI (920) 954-KIDS

No Fuss No Muss Party

Some of these venues will be free (you may need to purchase food from them) others will charge a fee. As you look through the list there is plenty of fun, exciting activities that can be done for entertainment.

Before I close this post I would like to tell you a short story. A couple of years ago my daughter wanted a magic birthday party. Of course the entertainment would be easy, I would perform a magic show and twist balloons for all the kids.

To ease the work load of running a birthday party we looked around for a good venue to have the party at. We picked Pizza King on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton. We called to hold the room. Then on the day of the party we ordered pizza and drinks. That was the only out of pocket expense (apart from the birthday gifts).

We planned a few games but only had time to play one of them. One the moms and a friend of ours stayed to help us. She told us that this was the easiest party she has ever seen.

Everything was self-contained. All we needed to bring were cameras, decorations and the birthday cake. And if we hired an entertainer I would not have had to worry about bringing my show equipment.

As you plan your party take a good look at having it some place other than your home. You may just find it to make your life a lot easier.

Steven Dickinson
Zoomalata Magic and Balloons

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How About a Pizza Party Magic Show?

How About a Pizza Party Magic Show?

What is a great fun activity for the birthday party. It is both entertaining and it will help you with your food preparation. The answer is a “Build Your Own Pizza Party”

Here is How You Could Through a Pizza Building Party

Before the party you will need to have pizza dough and all the ingredients that your guests may want to put on their own personal pizza. Also you will want to have some parchment paper to build their pizzas on.

The pizza dough can be store bought or made from scratch. Have the dough separated into little balls. Have enough to cover for the amount of guests who will be there.

Have all your meats, veggies, cheese, sauce all cut up the day before the party so it is not another thing to do on the day of the party. Cover them up with plastic wrap so they stay fresh and place in the refrigerator.

On the day of the party your guests will each get a ball of pizza dough that they will flatten, press and stretch into a flat crust. Then they put some sauce on the crust.

Finally, they will build a pizza from all the items that they could possibly want. Bake the pizza pies following the directions from the recipe or container the dough came in.

All that is left is to enjoy the tasty pizzas and continue to have fun with your guests. But, what do you do while you are waiting for it to bake? That’s where I come in.

Update January 1, 2019
If you are doing a TV Show or Movie theme and have a lot of extra time, why not build a desert pizza as well. This time by pizza crusts that are already backed up and just need the toppings.

A simple desert that my mother used to make was to butter the pizza crust and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes until it is golden brown and let it cool before cutting it up. Be careful that the sugar does not burn.

A fun 30-45 minute magic show while it is baking is an excellent idea. Right after the magic show, the pizzas should be all baked, cooled down a bit and ready to be eaten.

Magical Activity While the Pizzas are Baking

Of course, if you are not from Northeast Wisconsin you will need to look up a fun magician from your area. Do a Google or Bing search to locate one in your neck of the woods.