Through all the time spent planning the birthday party; through all the effort to send out invites to guests; through all the presents purchased and wrapped’ through all the food preparation and cake decorating their are two things needed at every kids birthday party. In the end all you really need is a child that had a great time and loved ones that were there to witness the child having a great time.

Your Child Needs to Have a Great Time

In the end, all you want is your child to have a great time with their friends and family. You will notice this is not a financial condition. You can spend a ton of money (and time) preparing and running the party or you can keep it simple and spend a few dollars. Either way your child has the opportunity to have a great time or a not so great a time.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend. As long as they get to play with their friends and celebrate their birthday they will be happy. It can be a joyous time if you have pizza a few simple games or if you hire entertainment and spend thousands of dollars.

They will be happy, unless you promise something and don’t give it to them. So watch what you promise. Even just saying “maybe” can seem like a yes to them. Be clear that they will or will not have something. If it is a struggle to get something to in anyway promise it. Tell them you are trying but it might not happen.

You Need to Have a Great time

You need to have a great time and the best way to do that is to sit down and enjoy watching your child have fun with their friends and family. If you are running around working the party you are not relaxing enjoying the party!

So set yourself up for success. Plan the party so that on the day of the party you are bouncing from here to there or are stuck in the kitchen but you are there drinking your favorite beverage and taking photos of your child enjoying their special time.

Have all your food ready the night before or pay to have it catered in. Have it all out but covered (so the kiddos don’t dig in early). Have someone else entertain or do it yourself with your child’s favorite movie.

Entertainment can be as simple as having all the kids make their own pizza and ice cream sundaes while the pizza cooks they are watching the movie.

So, as you plan for your child’s special day be sure that you are setting it up to be meet the two main needs: Your child will have fun and you will have fun. In the end, it is all about celebrating the life of a loved one isn’t it?

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